Golf 50 States

Welcome to the blog!  This site is dedicated to anyone that has ever picked up a club and anyone that has ever went on a golf trip. Follow us on the adventure as Rick, Andy, Doug and I attempt to golf together in every state.

Reasons for Starting this Blog

I think we have an interesting story to share.  People we talk to are fascinated with our quest to golf in all 50 states.   They are also interested in hearing where we’ve been and where we are going next.  I wanted to create a forum to bring others along for the ride.

In addition to sharing our story, I wanted to create a place where information could easily be found and exchanged.  We have learned a lot about organizing and executing an incredible golf weekend.  I will share a wealth of helpful information including: travel, dining, accommodations, health/wellness, betting games, handicapping, personal stories, location and golf course selections.

I want to find others like us.  People that are trying to golf in all 50 states or even those that have already done it.  I want to learn from those that have gone before us and hopefully help others get started on their own journey.  I  look forward to hearing your stories.

Finally, I want to document our journey in a memorable way.  I realize after 20 years of these trips, my memory isn’t great.  This blog is a way to capture each year while it’s fresh and reflect on years past.

First Year Goals

  • Learn all the technical aspects of blogging so I can focus on providing great content on a regular basis.
  • Make connections with at least 1 person from each of the 50 states.
  • Get useful insight for our 2018 golf trip (location TBD) from people who have been there already.
  • Create an awesome and active community that openly shares their stories and what they have learned along the way.
  • Grow the blog to 1000 visitors a month, with 100 subscribers.

I look forward to taking this new journey with you and continuing on my journey with Rick, Andy, and Doug to golf together in all 50 states.

16 down, 34 to go.